Humboldt State University

Areas to Support

Humboldt Loyalty Fund

A gift to the Humboldt Loyalty Fund reaches students across campus. Your gift could help remodel a lab, provide a student with an internship opportunity, and support shorebird research all at the same time. Humboldt Loyalty allows HSU to take advantage of opportunities immediately, meet needs when they arise and enhance the education of today's students.

Everyone is encouraged to consider giving to the Humboldt Loyalty Fund.

When you give to the Humboldt Loyalty Fund you are partnering with thousands of others who have made similar gifts to increase the strength and impact of your contribution.

Want to support the Humboldt Loyalty Fund throughout the year?
Click here to become a Humboldt Loyalty Partner through a monthly gift to make a difference in a student’s life at HSU.

Parents & Family Fund

Donations to the Parents & Family Fund are immediately put to use on campus, improving students' experiences inside and outside the classroom. Gifts are used to help fund projects like new laboratory facilities, student support programs, instructional technology, academic programs, and much more.

We know how much you value the education your student is receiving. Consider making a gift to the Parents & Family fund to help provide the means to enhance, improve, and innovate the learning environment at HSU.

These gifts are often partnered with gifts from the Humboldt Loyalty Fund to increase the impact of your giving.

Scholarships, Awards, Assistantships, and Endowments

Giving to scholarships provides an opportunity to directly impact a student’s life. As costs of public education continue to rise, more than two-thirds of our students must rely on financial aid. Scholarships are vital to making a Humboldt State education accessible to qualified students and to providing ongoing support to returning students. In addition to lessening a student’s financial burden, scholarships and awards are a great way to a recognize a student’s commitment to academics and excellence in leadership.

Give to a Current Scholarship Fund

There are hundreds of scholarships already in place at Humboldt State University that you can contribute to. Scholarship funds support students in academic departments, athletics, and other areas of interest. Give us a call at 707-826-5200 so we can find out where your interests lie and match you up with a scholarship fund that fits you! 

You can also give online to the HSU Student Success Scholarship, which allows the Director of Financial Aid to ensure that the maximum number of scholarships are awarded each year. Your gift will be combined with other donors’ gifts to help provide as many scholarships as possible. 

Establish an Annual Named Scholarship

With a minimum gift of $2,000, you can create a named scholarship that can then be renewed each year through annual gifts. This is a nice way to give a memorial or honorary gift.

Establish an Annual Named Award or Assistantship

Awards and assistantships are nice alternatives to a traditional scholarship. Like a scholarship, an Award can provide financial support to a student while also recognizing student excellence. A Student Assistantship can be established to enable a student to work with a faculty member on a specific project or research initiative. Assistantships help with financial support, much like scholarships, but they also provide important hands on learning experiences and can be helpful on a student’s resume. To establish a named award or student assistantship, a minimum gift of $2,000 is required. The award or assistantship can then be renewed through annual gifts.

Permanent Named Endowment Fund

With a gift, or gifts, totaling $25,000 or more, you can establish an enduring, permanent fund intended to generate at least $1,000 annually. The annual income can be used to fund a traditional scholarship, to provide other kinds of student support like an award or assistantship, or to assist a department or program.

If you are interested in creating a scholarship, award, assistantship, or endowment fund, call us at 707-826-5200 or email us at  

Archeology Site

HSU's on-campus archaeological teaching site was created with the help of donor gifts to the Humboldt Loyalty Fund