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Humboldt Loyalty Partners

Want an easy and convenient way to make a huge difference in the lives of HSU students? Become a Humboldt Loyalty Partner! All it takes making your Partnership Pledge and you join hundreds of fellow Partners that have committed to supporting HSU students into the future.

What is a Partnership Pledge?

A Partnership Pledge is a pledge with no end date according to your terms. Most people choose to give monthly with their partnership pledge. Simply, you pick an amount and how often you would like give and your support will continue until you change your terms.

Make your Partnership Pledge today:

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Examples of how you might structure your Partner Pledge:

$10 a month turns into $120 a year

Want to give $1,000 that’s only $83.33 a month.

Like to give twice a year— why not create a semi-annual Partnership Pledge?

Hear from one of our Alumni Partners Jenna Hanson:

“I like that my money will continue going to something I know is worthwhile without me having to worry about renewing it. It’s so convenient!” says Jenna.

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