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Give now and have twice the impact! An HSU Advancement Foundation board member has pledged to match any gift of $500 or more, dollar for dollar, up to $20,000 total!

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The Go Green Fund has been set up by the Humboldt State Advancement Foundation to support programs and campus improvements that enhance the energy efficiency and environmental responsibility of the campus.

From LED lighting in classrooms to timing controls for heating systems in buildings, students partner with Facilities Management to research energy improvements on campus. They identify improvements with measured savings that can be achieved through improved technology.

The students working on these sustainability projects have the potential to see their ideas and research put into action right here on their campus. The problem is that the funding received from the State of California keeps the campus open but doesn’t allow a lot of room for improvements or innovation.

This is where the Go Green Fund comes in.

A gift to the Go Green Fund supports young people who have a vision for a greener future and who have the knowledge, but not the tools, to make it a reality.

Each of the projects funded by the Go Green Fund will lower the energy footprint of the campus, save resources, and make campus improvements. As an added bonus, the money saved through these efficiency projects will be reinvested to provide even more opportunities for students to partner with staff on projects that will improve the campus and the earth.

The Go Green Fund will provide an experiential learning environment that benefits young people, the Humboldt State campus, and the world. Thank you for participating!

Other ways to go green

Investement Green Investment Option

  • An investment option for new contributions to permanent endowment
  • Invested entirely in a socially and environmentally responsible portfolio
  • A good choice for those who wish to direct their contributions to leverage socially and environmentally responsible investment of the endowment portfolio

Endowment Gold for Green Endowment

  • A permanent unrestricted endowment fund
  • For every $500,000 raised, the Board has committed to increasing by 10% the portion of the general endowment that is invested in socially and environmentally responsible alternatives
  • A good choice for those who wish to have their endowment contributions invested in ways that consider both social and financial returns.

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