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Giving to Scholarships at HSU

Giving to scholarships provides you an opportunity to directly impact a student’s life. As costs of public education continue to rise, more than two-thirds of our students must rely on financial aid, but donors like you can help! Scholarships are vital to making a Humboldt State education accessible to qualified students; and to providing ongoing support to returning students. In addition to lessening a student’s financial burden, scholarships and awards are a great way for you to recognize a student’s commitment to academics and excellence in leadership.

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Give to the HSU Student Success ScholarshipThe HSU student success scholarship allows the Director of Financial Aid to ensure that the maximum number of scholarships are awarded each year. Your gift will be combined with other donors’ gifts to help maximize the number of scholarships awarded. This means a gift of $50 could fill a gap in funding and help keep a student in school. A gift of $1,000 could fund an entire scholarship!

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Establish an Annual Named Scholarship

With a minimum gift of $2,000, you can create a named scholarship that can then be renewed each year through annual gifts. This is a nice way to give a memorial or honorary gift. Email if you have questions about establishing a scholarship of your own.